“I loved his delivery, the new and interesting postures he used, his music, the constant emphasis on breathing and focus, the explanation of the benefits of the poses. In short, he was awesome. He totally undid what had been a difficult day for me today.”


Student, North Wales PA

“My first class at Kindred Yoga was a relax + restore class taught by Carlos and it was EXCELLENT. He spent a large proportion of the class on restorative poses, and I haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time :)”


Student, North Wales PA

“Carlos is an incredible yoga teacher. Super attentive, patient, and caring, he always made me feel comfortable in class and provided me with feedback and advice in my yoga practice. I’m only sad that I cannot continue practicing with him!”

Nina Lee

Student, Madrid

“Carlos is a responsible, sensitive, and extremely creative person who studies hard and has achieved very high marks in our training. He is well integrated amongst his fellow peers and much appreciated for his loyalty, calmness, and high communication skills. Carlos is an excellent mover with a large experience in dance and movement and has been one of the few students who immediately got offered a job out of his clinical placement in Madrid, a testimony of his excellent skills as a mover, therapist, and educator.”

Dr. Heidrun Panhofer

Coordinator of the Dance Movement Therapy Master´s and Postgraduate Training at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

“Carlos has always shown exceptional qualities working with children, it is worth to point out his affectivity, active listening skills involving the individual needs of every child and proved knowledge of a wide range of resources to work with emotions and movement in this age range. I would also like to highlight his qualities regarding interpersonal relationships, both when dealing with families and as a part of a team. He always shows a kind and respectful attitude.”


Carmen González

Co-founder & Director of Espacio Kikirikí Madrid

“I worked with Carlos Campillo in a choreographic project with a social character, the project RIZOMA where Carlos showed his professional skills at all times. Carlos is a great co-worker and team component because of his ability to transmit the other different movement qualities to a very deep level.

I rely on his presence in places, spaces, moments … where movement, choreography, and interpretation are the main engines of the action.”

Sharon Fridman

Choreographer & Director of Sharon Fridman Company