Dance Movement Therapy

The Dance Movement Therapy is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) as the psychotherapeutic use of movement within a process that pursues the psychophysical (body-mind) integration of the individual. It is characterized by the use it makes of the medium and artistic process (in this case dance and movement) to help solve the emotional or psychological conflicts of people.

Carlos has worked with different types of Special Needs (Autism, Down Syndrome & Cerebral Palsy), Toddlers, and Families in an Educational Setting.

Some of my articles and research online

Glances of Skin: an artistic inquiry methodology arising from the practice of Dance Movement Therapy with a child diagnosed with brain damage and self-harming behaviors, in the context of a special needs school.

Artistic Inquiry in Dance Movement Therapy: a creative approach of research from the therapist body. (Spanish)