Autumn Rituals


Fall is a wonderful time to start a new cycle and build new patterns that help us establish habits and routines that help us feel better. 

For this I have created this series of four small rituals in movement, which you can repeat whenever you want. In them you will find a space to start creating the habit of connecting and taking care of your body. You don't need any special equipment for these practices, nor any experience in movement. It is accessible to any level and easy to follow.


🧘♂️ Breathe Session  - In this special session you will learn to ground yourself through your breath and a guided meditation.

🤸 Move Session - In this Dynamic Yoga practice, we will look to connect with grounding and stability through standing postures and balance.

👐 Explore Session -In this Creative and Expressive Movement practice we will explore movement and exploration through our body, intuition and creativity.

🙏 Restore Session - This Restorative Yoga session is designed to take time to rest and relax the body systematically with a sequence of postures performed over extended periods of time.

🎶 Extra: Access to Special Music Playlist for all 4 sessions and Private Link to Download the Sessions and Watch them whenever you want.

🍃 Give yourself a space for you.